Finding your home is only part of the process

If you have bought a home before, you know there are a lot more steps than just looking for and finding the home for you. You need to get approved, understand the rates, payments, and programs available to you, and eventually close. But you are not left to complete that process on your own.

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The right mortgage lender changes the game

Buying a home is an big investment, and it is important to understand what actions to take and why. With guidance from the experienced team at Reliable Home Lenders, you will have a helping hand throughout the process so you are never left wondering what comes next.

Understanding Mortgages

The mortgage process occurs in four stages.
Each stage has various activities and milestones that need to be hit before progressing further.



This stage includes applying, getting pre-qualified, gathering all of the documents necessary for your application, and finding the property you want.



During this stage, third party services take place, including the appraisal. Once your file is processed, it moves to the next stage.



This is when you find out if your loan has been approved. If there are any conditions put in place by the underwriter, they must be satisfied here.



Once underwriting is complete, we can clear your file for closing. Congratulations, you have closed on your new home!

Loan Programs

There are a number of programs tailored to different needs and requirements.
Below are some examples of those programs. Feel free to reach out if you would like to learn more about these programs or others for your situation.

About Us

The Reliable Home Lenders team combines decades of mortgage industry experience with a modern, professional and fun style.
In addition to their industry awards, they are some of the best in the business, garnering most of their clients from referrals.

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